A live game exploring
your city.

Placemaker is a location-based augmented reality game playable via a free mobile phone app at Bunjil Place. Come and visit to search for urban codes and become a placemaker.

City sample image

Download the app here.

How to play

Download the Placemaker app to play.

Look for urban codes

Find and scan urban codes hidden throughout Bunjil Place.

Make places

Join a clan to start making your mark on the map.

Follow for clues

Get clues to locations on insta.

A new way of
being in the city

A freely downloadable app activates another layer in the experience. All of the components – the gallery, the wayfinding markers, and the street signage – may be scanned using the app to activate digital content blended with the street view via augmented reality. This layer reveals iconography and music unique to each location, creating a further sense of place. Once activated in the app, this content may be replayed later, reminding players of where they have been. As they activate each site, they collect pieces of a map that eventually creates an abstract view of the City of Casey.