Play Parameters

Troy Innocent & Ben Kolaitis 2013

handmade instrument / digital game

Play Parameters

Play Parameters is an experimental sonic and performative excursion into the art of gameplay. In this imaginative and inventive arts project, Troy Innocent and Benjamin Kolaitis have designed an interactive installation that meshes visual and compositional gameplay elements together with the structural elements of musical instrumentation.

The concept was inspired by Moholy-Nagy’s Light-Space Modulator, Gysin and Burrough’s Dreamachine and 1970s analog generative art systems; with close inspection into the sonic components by expanding upon the early work of Reed Ghazala and David Tudor. Sonic Arts Union, 1970’s artists Alvin Lucier and Gordon Mumma are also a point of reference. Jon Rose and Alan Lamb notably have influenced the direction of this project scope and direction.

Building on this rich history of experimental hybrid sonic and visual arts practice, this project aims to extend this practice, testing the boundaries and beyond with new performative possibilities afforded by DIY electronics and the increased literacy of audiences in gameplay.

The outcome of the installation is an experimental game controller that may be used by other artists to build their own art games. It will also draw a context back to the early developments within this practice, creating an alternate platform for experimentation and interactive demonstrations.