Urban Codemakers

Micronation of Ludea 2010

8 illuminated guild signs, 1 website, 3 blogs, 768 IdeoTags, 1 manifesto, 5 videos, 1 street sign,
1 facebook profile, 3 twitter accounts, 1 public demonstration, 3 urban planning proposals


Urban planning is typically a lengthy bureaucratic process that aims to balance a network of systems and rules that are social, institutional, spatial, commercial and cultural. The modern city is an algorithm, similar to Forrester's 'urban dynamics' on which SimCity is built. Somewhat like SimCity but rather than being 'god' of the simulation we are worker ants or nodes embedded in its system.

What if players recoded the city from within? Multiple agents in an intimate conversation with the city using actual and virtual technologies, real and potential realities. The Micronation of Ludea proposes street games that engage players with cities using languages of play. Nonverbal languages of entities, actions, tokens, and processes that open up new forms of dialogue with the codes of the city.