A live game exploring
Melbourne’s laneways

Wayfinder is an augmented reality game playable via a free mobile phone app. Scanning an urban code on the street reveals site-specific animation and sound that document traces of a hidden micronation.

Wayfinder Live in action.

A new way of
being in the city

A new commission for Melbourne International Games Week. Wayfinder live is a live game exploring Melbourne’s laneways; wayfinding in this game is play with alternative ways of being in the city.

Visit the Micronation of Ludea. If you have played a game then you have been to Ludea. It is that space you go to when you are ‘in-game’, in the zone, or otherwise immersed in play.

In Wayfinder Live you will reactivate the Micronation of Ludea and use tokens to influence locations and claim them for your team: will you REVERT, RENEW or REMAKE the city?

How to play

Download the Wayfinder Live app to play.

Look for urban codes

Find and scan 16 urban codes hidden throughout the city.

Join a team

Choose a team and revert, renew or remake the City of Melbourne.

Collect tokens

Collect tokens to influence locations on the map to win them over for your team.

Download the app here.