Xon Kon

Troy Innocent & Hugh Davies 2016

laser cut plywood codes, city model, data projection, website, social media


XON KON was an exciting pervasive game delivered across digital and physical spaces in Hong Kong from May 16 - 23.

Players can collect trade commodities and resources found on the city streets in order to become property tycoons of a microcity based at the Polytechnic University.

But power is not stable. Players face volatile market fluctuations and property take-overs from competitors. They must trade commodities and secure their property empires to succeed.  Drawing on Hong Kong’s unique history of free market enterprise, XON KON is played across Twitter, Instagram and the city’s own streets.

Involving online and offline components, an elaborate model and game resources hidden throughout city streets, XON KON is an urban art project that turns the city into a gameboard while drawing on Hong Kong’s rich history of trade.