Dr Innocent is the director of the Future Play Lab. He is an urban play scholar and artist gamemaker, playing in cities such as Melbourne, Bristol, Barcelona and Hong Kong. Innocent is creator of 64 Ways of Being, a playable art experience making cities playable through augmented reality.

Dale Leorke is currently a Senior Research Fellow in the Centre of Excellence in Game Culture Studies at Tampere University, Finland. His research uses ethnographic methods to examine the intersection of games, creative technologies, public spaces and public institutions. His books include Location-based Gaming: Play in Public Space (2018), Public Libraries in the Smart City (2018), Games and Play in the Creative, Smart & Ecological City (2020) and Openness in Practice (2021). His other research and publications can be found at

Dr Matthew Riley is a designer, academic and researcher with a practice in playable art, mixed reality games, public art and interactive media. Recently his work has predominately responded to or been situated in natural and non-urban settings and has been recognised internationally in various exhibitions, events, publications and conferences in London, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Finland, Portugal, Japan, France and New Zealand. He is part of the YOMECIPLAY collective developing experimental games and artworks that explore making and listening to sound as a form of play.

Uyen Nguyen is an animator, designer, researcher and academic investigating the playful potential of sound in animation, games and interactive installations.

Rachael Thompson is a storytelling and XR specialist, producer and experienced filmmaker. Her experience includes projects with broadcasters, diverse communities, cultural institutions, government, at-risk teens, not-for-profits, musicians, animators, developers, sound designers, and even penguins. Rachael is the Founder of the Museum of Humankind

Carlo Tolentino is a creative director, and a multimedia, interactive designer. He has worked in a wide range of creative industries across advertising, video production, art, and theatre. Carlo has exhibited multimedia work for The National Gallery of Victoria and has designed and performed live visual projections in large venue music concerts, and art festivals.